A Virtual Mannaquin delivers the following benefits:

 Innovative promotional, advertising and informational messaging

Customisable to fit brand image

Works 24 hours, 7 days a week

Brings messages to life, humanises your brand

Influences behavioral change & connects with the audience

On message – Every time

Multi-lingual: Any language

Increase sales up to 75% as well as traffic & dwell time by up to 50%


Increase Customer Engagement

Virtual Mannequins are an ideal, interactive display to inform customers, visitors & guests. The virtual mannequin can be you, a member of your staff or a professional actor.

Alternatively, you could choose a personality, caricature or a team mascot to be your virtual mannequin. Whether promoting special offers or being used as entertainment at special events, the virtual mannequin is the ideal medium to deliver your message.

Virtual Mannequin Presenters

Virtual Presenters

Virtual Mannequin presenter or Virtual assistant works 24/7 to inform and engage with the public and your clients….



Virtual Mannequin Avatar

Avatar Mannequin

A Virtual Avatar Mannequin can be a cartoon 2d or 3d Character, mascot, A seasonal Character – such as Santa or even a character from a game. Our studios can even do the animation.



Virtual Mannequin Product

Product Mannequin

Your product can be displayed as an interactive animated 3d hologram for retail or trade shows …



Virtual Nurse Mannequin

Mannequins by sector

Our virtual mannequins can be a nurse, airport assistant, security guards,  museum guide or any character to communicate your message…




Be Different

Think Outside the box. Stand out from the crowd and create a point of differentiation vs. your competitors.

Grab Attention

People listen to people. This technology grabs the attention and engages potential customers.

Your Message

The right message everytime. Ensure a consistent message is delivered to your audience, 24/7