Technology and Innovations

Virtual Mannequin Technology

Virtual Mannequins are at the leading edge of display technology:
Our basic models include solid state looping media players & USB playback, Complete with Timer, Audio Amp and Speakers.
For the interactive and wi-fi models we use a range of technologies including small industrial PC’s running Digital Signage Software, Android Players, Touch screen tablet devices including iPads, Mac and Linux systems. We know every installation requirement is different and we aim to provide you with the best hardware for the job.
All our enclosures feature fan assisted cooling systems to keep your hardware running 24/7.

Options Include:

  • Motion triggers & Buttons
  • Directional audio
  • Touch Surfaces (including tables, the mannequin surface or touch screen)
  • Gesture Control sensors – Control the mannequin with a wave of your hand.
  • RFID interaction
  • QR Codes
  • Local or remote updating – Wifi, Lan, 3G
  • Parallel integrated touch kiosk – to trigger content.

VM Announcer



This model is a small footprint unit that is professionally branded for your company and can be transportable if you wish to use it in multiple locations.

VM Broadcaster



This premium model is a sleek designed unit that is professionally branded for your company. Its is robust for fixed installations, yet can easily be shipped for hire.

VM Host



This all in one unit offering a large surface area for branding is at home in receptions, lobby’s, lecture halls, airports, schools and exhibition centers.

Hologram Mannequin


Jump Over the Pipe

 We can install the projector out-of-sight either mounted on the ceiling, hidden in a wall or even part of your exhibition stand to create the effect of a hologram.




  • 15mm thickness clear cast acrylic silhouette
  • Vinyl printed ‘trousers/legs’
  • Self-adhesive, high-contrast, rear projection screen
  • Fixings to secure to cabinet
  • Ultra clear acrylic



  • 2mm gauge mild steel cabinet and legs
  • 5mm gauge mild steel base
  • Powder-coated in custom colours
  • Slide on/off lid with security fixing
  • Logo and Branding